Saeed showed his artistic talent at a young age by drawing over his homework with colored pencils in school. He was encouraged by his teacher who displayed his work on the classroom wall. This helped propel him towards a career in art.

Saeed received his Bachelor's Degree in graphic design from "College of Decorative Arts" in Tehran, Iran. During those years he worked as a graphic designer and illustrator at "Ayandegan", Iran's most prestigious newspaper..

Seven years after the revolution in Iran, he moved to Germany for two and a half years where he worked at "Pencil Grafik". Pencil Grafik is the studio of Achim Kiel, one of Germany's most well known illustrators.

In 1987 he moved to Los Angeles where he worked as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. Soon after, he established his own studio/gallery in Westwood. There he concentrated on his fine art work, started selling his paintings, and worked as a commissioned artist who did numerous cover design and illustration for various publications such as Ketab Corp., and Eqbal Publishing. Saeed also worked for "Nazgoul Publication", where he illustrated the cover of "Touca" — international children's magazine — for 10 consecutive years. Saeed's work also appeared in the publication "Daily Variety".

One of his paintings (First painting in Past Works 1) was chosen as a cover illustration for the book "The Essence of Love". This book is about the 'Time, Life, and Thought of Rumi', a highly regarded and well respected Iranian poet and philosopher. He also illustrated a black and white poster titled "Rumi and Whirling Dervishes" which also appeared inside the book.

Saeed began teaching drawing and painting classes as soon as he established his studio-gallery. His students include professors of universities, doctors, architects, interior designers, fashion designers, psychologists, and also art students from various institutions.

His work has been shown in galleries located in well-known places such as the Pacific Design Center and El Paseo-Palm Desert.

Saeed has participated in numerous group shows including "World Contemporary Art '98" in which he was also a consultant of the show. He was also interviewed by the "Daily Bruin Arts & Entertainment" newspaper, where two of his paintings "Into Unconscious" and "Innocence" appear, in April 20, 1998.

In recent years, TV Station U.P.N. Channel 13 has featured Saeed's studio for the taping of two of it's shows. During these broadcasts Saeed instructed the guests of the show in portrait drawing.

His work is also circulated around the world on more than 150 photo greeting cards with images of his paintings.

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